William Kluba
I generate my images from multiple sources. My most prevalent influence is nature, the feel of power and light, both silent and active, expressed through the lens of my own filters and experiences. I have witnessed recurring themes in my work: plants, biomorphic shapes, tables, faces, interior/exterior spaces, still life, and spatial abstractions. In the past eighteen years my meditation practice has inspired me to put a new stamp on my work.

I am concerned with the inner world of fluctuations, abstract versus concrete, dynamic movement within a still posture, and mystical awareness threaded through the context of shape and visual contradiction. I am firmly entrenched in composition as it applies to the construction of my pieces in both the obvious and the subtle, the poetic and layered.

I grew up in a very agrarian rural area of Wisconsin with vivid memories of the landscape- cold crisp lakes, sweet summer air wafting with fields of diverse aromas, textures of plants, sounds of animals, and wild skies. That sense of earth and elements has never left me; when I turned inside to draw from these places something very deep and wonderful emerged that I could not have predicted. What I do know is I try not to go against my own grain and follow the spirit of the moment.

The place I revisit with frequency is the inner landscape, the channels that have been illuminated to me over time of which I have great respect . These visions come to me like currents of water that can be sweet and smooth or deep and overflowing. Mostly, they appear to me as fragments which I turn into satisfying compositions through my own process. I have faith in my own hand to work out whatever is presented to me without judgment. I have the awareness to understand when a work is complete and end that particular piece at that juncture.

I love watching the image appear and shape itself into something I never premeditate.

Bill Kluba, 2012